Maria Antón

My research is focused on invertebrate aquatic communities and how they are shaped by biotic and abiotic factors. My studies have been mainly performed in Mediterranean coastal lagoons, but I have also worked in temperate and tropical water bodies, including deep lakes. Regarding abiotic variables, I am especially interested in disentangling how water permanence and the dry phase affect community assembly, but also the influence of salinity and trophic level com aquatic organisms. Additionally, I have studied the effect of fish predation pressure on invertebrates, including the behavioral response of zooplankton to avoid predation. I have been also involved in projects related with aquatic habitat restoration, studying community colonization and assembly and variations on environmental variables.
As part of my current position at UdG, I will estimate ecosystem metabolism in a set of coastal lagoons (ranging in conductivity and water current) and in their main water sources (mostly irrigation canals), through high-frequency monitoring of environmental variables.